"Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution-more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to."

LISa Cron, Author, Wired For Story

what's your story?

Our internal dialogue and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are matter. They impact how we view ourselves, the people in our lives, and the world around us. What's your story? Is it moving you forward and allowing you to live a happy healthy life or is it keeping you stuck and struggling? I want to hear your story. I want to understand who you are, what shaped your life, and how you see yourself. I want to check in with you on the story you’re writing, and help you to rewrite those parts that are holding you back from writing the next great chapter.

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Whether you've been in therapy before or you're looking for a therapist for the first time, deciding which therapist is right for you can be a daunting experience. I believe the success of therapy begins with the collaboration and connection we create. The relationship you have with your therapist is just that, a relationship and like all relationships it’s all about the fit. My approach is relational, inquisitive, conversational, and direct with a sense of humor, candor, and warmth. 

Without having met you I can tell you who is likely the meanest person in your life. Ready? It’s you! It’s the unrelenting internal critic that likes to point out and relive every mistake it thinks you’ve made, that makes you overthink every decision, and that tries to convince you that you just aren't capable. It’s that inner critic that voice that we all have, the one that pretends to have our best interest at heart when it says: “You sure about this?"

Here's the thing about that voice, It’s really trying to protect you. The problem is it’s protecting you from the wrong thing. It’s protecting you from change. 

The past informs the present and working together we will discover the origins of your inner critic by connecting the dots from your past to your present and use that connection to quiet that voice and inform your future.  


Your ex may be the last person you want to see, but when you have children together it isn’t a choice. Meeting the needs of your children as they navigate and grieve the loss of their family unit is hard, especially if you’re dealing with a painful break up. In a perfect world co-parenting therapy would include both parents, working together to set healthy boundaries, improve communication, reduce conflict, and learn helpful parenting strategies. Having said that I am aware that we do not live in a perfect world, and often one parent is reluctant or flat out refuses to attend. While the structure of the work changes whether working with one parent on co-parenting issues, or with both parents, the goal remains the same: making your children feel safe, seen, and cared for, even though their world has changed.


Does it feel like you're in a relationship that is no longer working? Maybe you are not feeling seen or heard by your partner, or you just keep having the same conflicts over and over. Much of how we navigate our relationships is learned by what was modeled for us in our family of origin. We all have different styles of communication and ways of handling conflict and stress, different priorities and different things we need from a partner to feel connected. In couples therapy we will explore these differences and how they are impacting your relationship. Often we learn that you are not the problem, your partner is not the problem, the problem is the problem. The goal is to stop focusing on “fixing” each other but instead to focus on fixing the problem. In my experience, having an objective third party allows the two of you to explore your relationship in a safe space and learn the skills needed to help your relationship thrive. 

Couples therapy

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, stress or mood swings? Have you recently experienced a life transition and feeling overwhelmed? Do you just feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward? How we navigate and experience the world is based on a number of factors — our upbringing, our relationships and our circumstances. Whether you are looking for someone to help you navigate a challenging time in your life, or someone who is able to assist you in discovering behavior patterns that are preventing you from moving forward and living the life you want, I can help. People are often doing their best but need access to a wider range of tools in order to understand themselves better and communicate and interact in the most clear, powerful ways. This is where finding the right therapist comes in. My ability to draw from various therapeutic approaches allows me customize an approach for each person’s individual needs.

Individual therapy

Raising children is one of life’s most rewarding and consequential experiences, yet much of the time it feels like you’re making it up as you go along, crossing your fingers, hoping you’re getting it right. Indeed, much of it is a by-the-seat-of-your pants experience. Complicating this is that as 
our children grow and change so must how we parent. That’s why parenting can feel overwhelmingly difficult at times. How well your parenting style matches your child's temperament can have an impact on their development. Parenting therapy will give you a greater understanding of what your children are experiencing and what to expect with each stage of development. It will help you recognize the role you play in your child's struggles and will give you the tools to build stronger bonds, and meet their needs. The goal is a better relationship with your children as well as personal growth for you in the process.


When a divorce happens it can feel like someone yanked the carpet right out from under your life and you totally lose your balance. You can experience confusion, fear, depression, anger, loneliness, dependence and anxiety. Divorce recovery therapy helps you move through the confusion and conflicting emotions onto level ground. Talking to someone, having a safe space to unpack and sort through what's spinning in your head can help you regain your balance and reclaim your life. 


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